Thursday, January 12, 2012

P-day mail!

Hello family!

Wow, this isn't fair to have us only be able to write home once a week. Too much goes on in this place to remember or think about what to write. But it has been a good week, I'll say that much. Last week’s package was fantastic! I definitely put those cinnamon rolls in a good tummy! I think I am slowly shrinking in my chest, shoulders, arms etc. and am going to start seeing progress in my gut. This ain't no southern virginia cafeteria that's for sure! I think they feed us very well and I've learned what brain food really is. I do nothing but sit in a class room, and for whatever reason I am starving by the time it get's to meal time! So I get my money's worth. Two more months in here could have some disastrous results on my health, but it's alright, I am enjoying it. Health wise I have been totally fine. Nothing worse than a runny nose here and there, but I've done alright. Definitely better than how I left you guys. and I have learned how much I really do love gym time. MTC hoops are the bomb! Its pretty fun to just play and get it all out of me. The only problem is, gym time is only 50 minutes long. But atleast it gets my blood pumping a little bit. P-days are also a great day to make it to. I love going to the temple in the mornings. What a relaxing and enjoyable time to just take a minute and feel the presence of our Heavenly Father in His house. I love the temple.

We have TRC tonight which I actually love. We just teach volunteers who come in and act as themselves and we give them a little bit of a message. This is in Russian and so it's a little bit intimidating but I love doing it. I have learned how much I love teaching here though. There is definitely help that comes from a divine source to help us if we allow it to. That has been a big thing that I have learned this week. As I've been teaching, it's caused me to take a step back and realize the importance which the things we teach have been in my life. Basically, the blessing the gospel has been in my life. We have two progressing investigators which we basically have started from lesson 1 and taught them a few times. These are the most basic of principles, but have caused for some searching in myself to realize the blessing these are and the testimony I have of them. As we teach about God being our loving Heavenly Father, the Restoration, and the Atonement, it has caused me to step back and think, how have these blessed my life? How have I been made happier because I know this? We teach our investigators that the gospel will bring them happiness, and as I have done so I have realized the blessing it has been in my life. As I think of what to teach Denic and Vova, (our investigators) I look at our picture in front of the temple. I realize how happy we are and that we are happy because we have the gospel. Thank you mom and dad for raising a family in the gospel. What a blessing it is and a blessing I have had to realize it. The teacher really does learn the most in lessons.

We also had a great devotional last night. Elder Nelson came and spoke to us! If anything, I felt the strongest spirit when he came in the room. A reverenced hush went over everybody and everyone stood when he came in. How lucky we are to have living prophets and apostles. Everything he taught was pure scripture. It's like we're supposed to read them or something like that! It was a pretty sacred evening we were able to have.

Thanks dad for the pictures too! Those were so fun to see and I still die laughing when I see the picture of charley. She thinks she is pretty cool in her shirt. I bet she will rescue a lot of people in distress. I was bummed to try and go print pics out to send home today but found out it will take a couple days to print them out. Sorry, I wish I could just email pics but I guess that's been disabled so look for some pics coming in next p-day! We'll show you some Russian MTC Christmas!

I'm trying to think what else went on. The Russian is slowly and surely coming, sometimes more slow than sure but coming nonetheless. It is one thing with the words but the grammar is just goofy! Basically you conjugate everything- verbs, nouns, adjectives-everything. But it's alright, it will come. I've definitely gotta be very patient with it. What a humbling experience it has been to have to rely on the Lord to help me with this.

Not too much goes on outside of the class, gym, and meal time! It's a pretty repetitive routine, but it's a good routine! Days go by pretty quickly-it makes me a little nervous that the next two years will go by this quickly. I love what I have the opportunity to do and hope I am pleasing our Father in Heaven. I know this is His work and that it has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. We have a Savior who has Atoned for our sins and has the divine ability to help and forgive us. I love Him. He has been my best friend these last few weeks. I love you all and pray for you! Love you!

Elder Nielson

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