Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey family!
Man those were some fun letters to get this week and hear how good things are goin’ back at the ranch. I'm glad to see that you made it home mom and dad and that you were able to have a good time and have that relationship. That's one big thing I've learned on a mission- that talkin’ time is so important. Even if there's nothin’ bad goin’ on, we have the companionship inventory. Definitely gonna be doing some of that with my wife someday. Haha that was such a sweet pic though with Charley in the back of the truck...and with Mister Tan sitting in the front seat. Lookin good there dad. And that is sweet to hear about the big Lone Peak Knights taking care of business. That's pretty cool that they got all that national publicity stuff goin’ on, I actually heard a guy talkin’ about them on the streets of Samara here. Just kidding. But that is cool, and even better to hear about the mission commitment that they have. I hope that stays that way. But a super big bummer to hear about Coach McGeary, I wouldn't believe any that for sure.  I'm glad you were able to see him though. He's a good guy, pass along to him that I support him and sure respect him for everything he did for me. And also good to hear about the ward doin’ well back at home and the good leaders and people that we have to associate with. We are very blessed with that, I agree with you dad. Anyways, sounds like you’re all getting’ along well and be sure to put your hand over your heart in my honor as you fill out March madness brackets.
Things around these parts have been goin’ super good and it has been a super fun week this week. We had our zone leader council and also brought in all the district leaders for a day to have a similar meeting that we do every other month. It is actually a really good thing. We had a really sweet meeting and then the next day had our meeting with the zone leaders. It all went really well, but my favorite part is that at the end, we get to interview with President Sartori. Man, I am so darn blessed with my mission president. I sure hope you get a chance to meet him in July when they come home, but he is definitely a huge blessing in my life. I have never known how important it is to just love people genuinely the way that he does and when that is combined with the spirit, you got a pretty powerful instrument for the Lord. Anyways, he is such an example of that and how when we combine that pure love with true principles, we can solve any problem in any person and respect their free agency. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done, but that is just something that I have been learning from interacting with him. I sure love him. Also, quick update I can't remember if I said it in the last e mail, but we now know that our new mission president will be President Schwabb from Farmington. Anyways, you should try to get a hold of him. :) We are super excited about that.
We had some sweet stuff this week, mostly with our bro Ryslan that we are working with. Man, the best way to explain him is a bro. He's probably the nicest kid I've met- he works at this shoe store and kinda manages the store (he's only 19) and showed up to a meeting on Tuesday with a pair of shoes for both me and Elder Taylor! He's so rad, I don't really know where he came from. He basically lives on his own- his dad is in prison for life and his mom got remarried and the guy was a jerk, and Ryslan didn't really like that so his mom kicked him outta the house. Pretty crazy stuff. I think a lot of people would be a little sour after that. Anyways, he came with us to an activity on Saturday and then we went and met with him after so we got to chill with him basically all day which was so cool. But, we taught him a little about faith and how it helps us and gave him the commit to pray. We came back on Sunday to him at his store and he explained that he prayed and explained to Heavenly Father that "Taylor and Nielson (nobody calls us "Elder") asked me to pray, so I did" and this and that and ended up praying for like 20 minutes. We were so pumped on that! Man he's so cool, he just said he really didn't feel anything, but I am sure he will have some good things happen because of it. He's so cool, we love that kid and he loves us, so we can get him to do anything- so, we are definitely trying to help him the best way that we can. We have also been working still with this Anna lady who is a way cool gal. We finally got meeting with her last night and were able to teach her the same principle of faith. I think she is kinda finally starting to get it. It is pretty cool to see that somebody that thinks it doesn't matter realize that it does matter. I think we all go through that at one point or another. Anyways, keep those two in prayers, they are some good people and we are so happy to be working with them. They will definitely be getting’ baptized.
Well, I believe that is about it for things that have been going on around here. A lot of good things and a lot of reasons to be very happy in my mission. I am sure grateful that I can do this, I am grateful for the changes that have and will take place in my life because of my mission and the gospel of Jesus Christ. What's cool is that this is something that can be taken home with me and have for the rest of my life. Anyways, sure love you all and hope you have a good week!
Elder Nielson

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