Monday, May 6, 2013

Where did April go?

Hey there everybody!
Sorry I'm running low on time, but just thought I'd give you a little update and hopefully get some pictures attached. I hope you all are doin’ good and things are going super well here.
We had a cool week going down to Saratov and Tolyatti for zone conferences. While in Saratov, I was able to be back in my dojo in Zavodskoy and even got to call Sergei (the old bro investigator) and talk to him for a little bit. He has moved away from the members, but I also called his "mom" (Galina) and was able to talk to her for a little bit while I was down there. Just a trip down memory lane from last summer. I love those people so much, I sure miss them. Anyways, Sergei is just kinda chillin’ but doing well. He still remembers me at least. Anyways, the zone conferences went really good and it was really enjoyable to listen to President Sartori. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and things and we were able to learn a lot from that.
As far as our area goes, Svyetlana took off to Moscow for the week, so we didn't have a chance to meet with her. We have some new people that we are working with and just need to get some good meetings going with people and get them moving to baptism. I love the people that we have, we just need to teach people how to plan so that we can get meetings with them because that is the only way that they can learn about the gospel. But, there have been a lot of good times doing some contacting and finding new people, many which are searching for truth which is the first time on my mission it seems like that I have actually heard that from people. Anyways, things are going very well.
Here are a couple pictures, I will attach them and hope that you enjoy. (He only sent one!)
 Just our first day in short sleeves! I'll look forward to next week and hope that you all have a good week. Love you all!
Elder Nielson
[little extra note from Elder Nielson]
First things first- business. I think we will probably actually shoot for skyping on Saturday night (before Mother’s Day)...dont' know if that would work for you all but we were just thinking with church schedules and things that would be easier. Anyways, let me know what you think...we will shoot for the usual time at about 7:00 in the night here, I think you are 10 hours behind us, but we can use next week to make plans final. Just an idea, if that's a problem let me know. That is fun to hear about talking with Sister Sartori, I love those people. They take good care of us. Ok, I fully endorse you to be my agent in schools, I think that I will shoot for BYU, I haven't really thought about going anywhere else, so I guess I can decide later if I don't like it.

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