Monday, October 28, 2013

[His letter is so short, so I will add a couple of comments. First, we were online at the same time early this morning and he said this Sasha had just arrived and so he snapped a picture (attached). Also, yesterday was such a special day for us as we went to hear Elder Taylor speak (I’ll include a couple of pictures from going over to his house in Mountain Green, UT – just a few miles from Snowbasin). Elder Taylor and Elder Nielson were companions twice, first as very new missionaries, and then later they were together for 10 months serving as assistants to the mission presidents. What an awesome report and these two are nearly twins! It was so funny to have him come up to Sarah and Tanner and basically know everything about them! What a treat it was for us]
Well, so as you see, we are in a little bit of a rush, Sasha showed up here at the office (we usually meet with people here, it's just convenient and really nice). He could only meet right now so we are ending p day a lil’ early.
He is basically the highlight of the week, it has been such a joy to be helping him progress in the gospel. We had met with him about two weeks ago and he had some concerns about the difference between just science and religion and the way things have come about. Finally last night on our meeting he told us that he has changed from this thinking of just science being the only thing, to now being able to find answers on his questions and believing in God. You can see in his eyes that he is just happy. He already lives by all of the commandments and is just excited for his baptism on the 9th of November.
 Anyways, we are praying our guts out and he is going to be a blessing to the church here in Russia.

Besides that, things are going great, we are happy and healthy! Loving the mission!
Elder Nielson
Elders Nielson and Whittermore with investigator
Little Tanner and Sarah (Chris' siblings enjoying some of the Russian hats Elder Taylor brought back)
The family enjoying a visit with Elder Taylor.

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