Monday, March 26, 2012

30 minutes in 30 seconds!

Well Hello Family!
I will do my best to include what has happened this week and hope that you can get a taste of what’s really goin’ on here! What an awesome week it has been, nothing short of a great week to log away on the mission. I will do my best to answer questions and things as well. Goodness, I thought the MTC was hard to explain! I must first sadly admit that the market is closed on Mondays. Too bad. But we were able to get into a shop and get me a fine coat. Kazan is a very advanced city, and so to be honest sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm in too whacko of a place. Of course then I try to talk to somebody. But for the most part it is super nice. The food she made was good stuff momma! They have this stuff that are these little noodle spheres with meat in the middle, about the size of a marble. They are dang good. And she made some soup that was super good as well. My favorite is this stuff called plove, which is a rice and chicken thing with some seasoning. It is super good. For the most part, there isn't too much strikingly different. The ice cream here is crazy good. It's like they took the cream straight outta the cow and mixed it with sugar and froze it. Most of their food is pretty good because it's all real stuff. As far as people go, a lot of drunk people, and everyone and their dog smokes. The old ladies are just as you picture. They always walk in couples with their arms linked and just babble a hundred miles an hour to each other. It's funny. The old guys are in their sweet hats and pretty much just hang around and smoke. Funny people. We are in by nine every night, 9 30 if we are teaching a lesson. At least half of the people we talk to are Muslim, there really isn't too much of a distinction. I hope that answered a little bit...the weather is really nice today. It is pretty random, and should start warming up. And yes momma, I'm nice and toasty. I will do my best to get pictures, we email from an internet cafe that we don't know if we have access to send pics. We will check in on that, so stay tuned. To be honest we really haven't had the time to take pics. But we are going to the Kremlin in the middle of the city so we will have some cool ones.
So I gotta first talk about the brothers we found last week. Holy cow I cannot say enough about them. They are 23 and 25 and have been the greatest blessing to my life. I could very have well been called to Russia for these two and I would be fine with it. They have the kind of faith I would love to have someday. I learn from them when I teach them. It is a pretty incredible experience. We taught them that night and Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Sat. They came to church yesterday, and are asking when they can be baptized. We had them pray on Tuesday and that could have been the sweetest experience of my life. I wish I could send a recording so you could see, and would like for everyone to see how to pray. They both took a turn and prayed literally as if they talked to God. Every time since, they pray just as good as that. It raises our spirits every time we meet with them. They believe that they came to Russia to find work but "found something much better. The best thing they could find." I love them and will be friends forever with them. we came in on Tuesday to see them writing his friends on facebook telling them to visit They are unbelievable.
We also found a beautiful family last night with 3 kids. I can't wait to teach again and us and the member we taught with are so excited to set a baptismal date with them. I wish I could tell more of what's gone on, but just know how great of a week it's been.
I must also report that we met a lady on the street. She was a babushka...we taught a bit and I said a prayer with her. She had me repeat it in English to hear. There was a sweet spirit there, and she pulled in and laid a fat kiss on my cheek. It was so funny. I didn't know what to do. Good times on the mission.
Dad I forgot-I got your dearelder check on Tuesday. We get mail when the leaders come, and we had zone leaders on splits. I can only talk to family on the email, so tell Collin and Ty hi and look for a letter in a few weeks. I am grateful for my knowledge of the gospel. What a blessing it is. What a blessing the organization of the Church is, in a small inexperienced branch you can see how blessed we are to live where we are and have the strong ward we do. I love our family. I was proudly showing you to a lady on the bus yesterday. She loved it. I love you and love my chance to bring what we have to these people here. Til’ next week!
Elder Nielson

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