Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Elder Nielson en route to Russia!

At 7:30 a.m. on Monday March 5th, Elder Nielson called us from the Salt Lake Airport! So great to hear his voice again and hear him speak a little Russian for us. He talked about how special of a place the MTC is and how grateful he was for his time spent there. We can't wait to see the picture he got of as many former LP Knights that are all there at the MTC together the night before he left.
His absolute certainty as he, with all confidence, said that Russia has been prepared for the gospel and he was ready to go and serve, was such a boost to us.
I loved his comment to me (mom) as we were just about to say goodbye. I told him how proud we were of him, that he had always been so obedient and knew that his obedience in the mission will be a protection to him. (I have worried for his safety so much). Christopher said...ya it is something I have learned more here at the mtc and have come to understand that it will be true for the rest of my life, but mom, we as a family all can be obedient and have the same responsibility and receive the same blessings. Oh what we learn from these missionaries!
It was tough to say goodbye (although, Elder Nielson seemed just fine. Ha! He was just ready to get that plane in the air!) We all were feeling a little sorry for ourselves, when my husband got a text from his boss/good friend. He said he was bording a plane to New York right then with a bunch of missionaries bound for Russia! Chris (Dad) was trying to type a response back, when another text came in saying...Elder Nielson is sitting right behind me!! What a little gift we received at that moment when we needed it most.
We are so grateful for Elder Nielson and all a little happier as every p-day rolls around. Can't wait to hear about his adventures!
Elder Nielson leaving the plane in New York. Taken by our friend who flew with him that far. Such a great moment for us!

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