Monday, October 29, 2012

Men at Work

Well hey there fam!
Well it sure doesn't seem like your too far away at all after a surprise visit from good ol Bro/ Bishop Galloway.  Man that was so crazy.  Things are goin so good, and it's just been a solid week of poundin the pavement around here.  Thanks for the fun letters, and especially the fun package.  I'll try my best to keep the wrapped stuff till Christmas...that is my year mark!  What the heck!  I’ve only been out a couple months...I promise.  Crazy how time is goin by.  I will be sure to eat some ramen and pancakes and everything with you in mind.  I'm already excited. I still can't really get over that he (bro Galloway) was able to come out here.  I sure gave him the full experience.  We have a taxi friend named Oleg that I called to go get him.  I could hear him trying to find "roob"  and asking Bro Galloway on the other side of the phone what his name was and Bro Galloway just sayin "What?"  It was so funny, we were cracking up on the other side of the line.  But hey, sounds like he is still alive and my broken Russian got him around enough.  What a good guy.  I hope I didn't disappoint, President Sartori had called me and told me about it, but i didn't know that he had lunch or something in mind.  Anyways, it was a really fun little adventure and I am glad he gave you a good report.  And glad you got to see me in my Sergei get up.  haha I think I'm too proud of that. He reported well though, we do have a great place here and are having a very good time.  And yes, I am very happy.
 As far as things go, we are continuing to meet with this Natasha lady and her daughter Masha.  The one that thought we were beautiful.  I gotta give you an impression of the way she talks, so dramatic.  i think of dad everytime acting like his spanish friends.  Anyways, she is progressing very well and we are going to go over tonight to meet again.  Yay! we have had a hard time to get meetings to go through, but it's all good.  We are able to stay busy enough with things in the zone and it's fun contacting with elder Broekhuijsen (i finally learned how to spell it right, his dad is from Holland)  because he likes it as well.  it helps a lot to have a happy companion.  you will have to find his family, they live over by 6000 West in highland there.  Anyways, we have had some good times with Natasha and Masha, she is just a little hesitant on baptism because she doesn't feel worthy enough.  That is actually great because she actually understands what it means.  We are also working so that when her husband gets home from Moscow he will allow us to continue to meet with her.  There is some phobia here about "sects" goin around.  Kinda goofy, it shuts off a lot of people.  It cracks me up though because i want to know what some people are picturing we do at our sect.  Anyways we've been praying hard that his hart is softened.  anyways, at our last meeting, it came out that she had stayed up till 2 in the morning finishing the Book of Mormon and even the alphabatized section at the end.  i think the Russian versions have the bible dictionary.  That was pretty cool, we are so excited to meet with her tonight.   
As far as other things go, we have had just some great times on the streets and other people we are working with, just have a minute before i have something noteworthy.  I am glad to hear that things are going well and that everyone is happy back at the ranch.  Congrats lil tanner on passing the sacrament and getting to the temple.  That is so awesome, just keep doing that my friend.  And thanks for the world series reports.  Haha  well I sure love you all and will look forward to next weeks reports!  Love you!

Elder Nielson

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