Monday, October 15, 2012

Well good day to all!

Man those letters were so fun to get from everybody! I sure wish I could reply back to each of you, the keyboard is super sticky at this internet cafe so I type really slow! But thanks for all the birthday wishes, I just had my own little party. We had a great day on Saturday being able to watch conference and then having some meetings. Woopee! I don't think I woulda known I had a birthday, but it was a great day and I had some fun cards to open that night. Thanks so much for always thinking and being so nice to have fun parties, we have eaten really good the last couple of days! I treated myself today we went to the market and got me a nice jacket- yes I am a fruitcake like Jackson in my European palto? I don't know what they are called in english- maybe that's it. I am a legit Russian- wait till you get a pic. Man it is so fun to hear about everything that's goin’ on back at home. Congrats to little Tanner on getting the priesthood! I hope you had a chance to write down how you feel, I thought a lot about you as we watched conference. Just take every chance to go to the temple and be a good holder of the priesthood- there is a lot to distract you from that now a days. Be better than your big bro. :) And thanks for droppin’ me a line big Sarah! It was fun to hear about you- winning the championships and all- take me back! Minus the winning part. Man it's so fun to hear from you, I wanna talk to ya more. And Emily and Jackson I got your notes in the package- thanks so much I love thinkin’ about havin’ my buds here and havin’ Jackson as a companion. And as always, thanks for the nice thoughts mom and dad, you’re always the best. I really do now know that I am one of few to be blessed with the home and family we have. Such good stuff, I hope you enjoy your times with the family and memories. I am glad to hear that it seems that many are coping well with grandma- I don't know how many people here would be smiling and looking at all the positives that come from that experience. I have definitely felt some helping hands and had a little more eye of the tiger in my work here.

Well as far as things going on here, things just keep on going. Elder Brookhousen and I are just cookin’ along getting’ stuff done. I will have my visa trip this week, I don't know where we are going, I think Kiev. They are doing renovation at the temple, so we won't have a chance to go, but it'll be a good time regardless. Make some friends on the plane. We have had a few people in and out of the place which is fun- it's really cool to be here in Samara- everyone passes through us if they are going somewhere or for visa trips. I also love serving here- holy cow this city is so nice too. I first came and thought it was a lil’ dumpy, but after getting back from the big Zavoskoy I woulda tought I came back to America. It's good stuff. We were able to do exchanges with the assistants this past week which was super fun. I got to do some work with Elder Taylor again and it was so darn fun. We had a couple meetings and found some good people on the street- felt like we were back in the ol’ sadal. We also used some fancy things called oreos and peanut butter to mix up some death shakes with the four of us back at the apartment that night. So good! We then had a little zone training thing for the day- it was some sort of mini zone conference to go over some training and things. It was fun, Elder Brookhousen and I were in charge and it went relatively smoothly. Phew! Minus the part that in the middle of our teaching segment everyone pretty much had to leave to get trains back to their cities. That's just the nature of the work here. And then conference- man it was so darn good. We were able to go into the bishop's office to watch in English. Man I had to wipe off my singed eyebrows from Elder Holland. Man that was so awesome. I was ready to go tell the world to get to church. We were blessed to have a couple investigators come, and after the session we ran out and caught them, and took them in a room and asked them to be baptized! They were a little taken back, but now they know the goal! Haha good times. I sure can't wait to just find that one bro. It'll come.

Well it seems that I have run outta material. Thanks again for all that you do. And thanks for the nice birthday notes and just notes from all- Arnetts included. I have Cooper's Chuck Norris jokes up on my wall just in case. I was dying when I read his note. We are off to a lesson so we will see you next p day! Hope you all have a good week- can't emphasize enough to you how blessed we are with the things we have. The gospel and our family are two things that many people everywhere don't have. I hope we all remember that and treat both of those things with the respect that we should. I sure love you all and can't wait to hear from you all next week! Love ya!

Elder Nielson

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