Sunday, July 7, 2013

Elder Nielson's week

Good mornin fam!
Well we have had a good week this week, glad to hear that things are going good on the home front and hope you all had a good time there in big St George. Looks like you had a good time, thanks for the sweet videos and pics, those are definitely the highlight of the week and it was fun to hear all of your stories this week...
Anyways, things are going pretty good around here. The big news you are all waiting for is with our investigator...things are going great with her. Basically she left the city and just thought things over and we met on Friday...basically she apologized and everything and is saying that she just wasn't quite ready yet and she was kinda "outside" of herself. Honestly we were super bummed after our last meeting but we honestly felt fine because she still had a testimony and everything, and turns out when we met Friday things are just fine. She even got a hold of our branch president and then came with us on Saturday to a baptism of a kid here in Samara which was really good for her. She made friends with another lady and it was a really good service and things and I think that she feels really good. Anyways, we are just going to keep working with her and getting her to feel that she is ready. She also came to church yesterday and stayed all three hours- we watched the big missionary/member missionary broadcast during second and third hour and I think it was a great thing for her to watch and feel the power of the apostles and prophet as well as see the support and love that is throughout the world for the church and it's members. That was awesome to watch, it is always a good reminder that the church is still true and functioning. But it was a great message and I hope that everybody is finding ways to help others be blessed by the gospel. That was way exciting to see and hear.
As far as other things go, things are going pretty well and just scootin’ right on along. We had a good couple of days on exchanges earlier in the week- we went out to Tol'yatti and honestly it's been way fun to just try and get everyone as pumped and working as hard as they can. It's been pretty fun, we have a ton of new missionaries that have come out over the last few transfers and so I always pick to be with that one and we always see a lot of cool things happen. Unfortunately, working with the younger companion we get the days without lessons, but it's ok because we just go out and find people and the Lord blesses us a ton with that. It's been a really good time.
In our area we have been working with quite a few other people- honestly the progress moves pretty slow with a lot of people just because they are pretty difficult to get meetings with but it has been really fun to see some great things going on in our area. As far as Dany boy goes, we have had a hard time getting a hold of him, but he is still around, just so you know. Turns out he's been in the middle of moving and so that has made it a lil’ difficult to get in touch. Anyways, just some random little side notes.
Well, we got a good week ahead and I got the final visa trip to Ukraine coming up- woo hoo...a lot of airplane food and sweating in an airport. haha But it's always fun to think a little bit and it always feels like I am coming back on my mission again as a new missionary when we fly back into Samara. Good memories.
Anyways, hope you all have a good week and we'll be looking forward to hearin’ from you this next week. Love you all.
Elder Nielson

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