Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hey everybody-

Well we're back already to Monday- I have no idea where July is going.  We were able to have a good solid transfer week and are pretty pumped for some big exchanges and things for the next couple weeks.

So we had the typical transfer week with running back and forth to the train station and getting people in and out of the apartment and welcoming in the new group and everything- honestly I don't want to bore you too bad with all the details and things. but that was how the first bit of the week was spent and then our "mission leadership coucil" on Thursday- we used to just have the zone leaders but now with the influx of sisters we now have sister leaders that come to those meetings once a month. (that is what you got the picture of)...good times.

However, we had the last little bit of the week to do some good work. we are really making a big emphasis on pushing all of this "work of salvation" broadcast and trying to make the member involved in the work here.  I hope that everyone back at home paid attention to that, I would honestly encourage watching that a second time. it is pretty awesome stuff, we are just trying to find the best ways that we can get people excited and helping out in the work. we are all super excited about that.  So, we have been trying to get together with the branch president and help out with branch council and things to try and get something going.  Super exciting.

As far as other things go though, Svyetlana is just doing great.  I always just kinda pictured baptism as the goal (which it is) but that getting somebody there is just all that matters. however, the real joy comes from watching these people grow in the church and having them testify in meetings and seeing what happens as a result of baptism.  It is a big blessing to see that take place in her life, even just a week after baptism. so that's exciting and fun to watch. of course we are working with other people and finding some great ones on the streets, Svyetlana is just kinda the star for right now. haha

Quick funny story- we're walking down the street last night with a member on our way to a meeting and all the sudden we hear down the street "no way! no way!" and all the sudden we see this kinda larger man (he looked like Newman from Seinefeld, don't know where that came from) running out from the trees and yelling "no way- it is just too far. mormon missionaries made it out to Samara?! there's no way!"  We were kinda taken back for a minute, but this brotha came running up to us and turns out he is an American guy from Florida.  Sounds like his parents were Russian and they moved toAamerica when he was six and so he speaks Russian but is a straight up American.  Gosh we were crackin up- we didn't know what to do with ourselves. He knew everything about us, he gave us his number and things because he is here for a month with his wife from here, so we'll see.  But definitely one of the more random things I've seen in my time.  Good times, we ended the night with a good smile on our faces.

Kinda goofy but all in all, things are just going great, we just keep pushing and good things happen every day.  I am blessed to be a missionary.  I hope you have a good week. love you all.

Elder Nielson
ps first picture is us with Svyeltana on a bench, she looks a little more like herself. there was some hat party they were doing at the branch so we were trying the hats on.  I like this picture because this is where we always meet, I'll always remember this spot. and it gives you a good taste of Elder Taylor. haha
the other is at her baptism. good times.

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