Sunday, July 14, 2013

Game Film

Hey family!
I had to go with the title this week because sometimes when I write home it feels like when we would watch game film back in high school or college after our games or practice and sometimes you felt really good going into game film and excited to have the coaches be excited when you make a good play, or sometimes there isn't much to report and it's like those bad game film times that you just aren't too excited about, except on a mission we don't get chewed out...anyways, I feel like that sometimes going into writing home. haha however, this week had some really good game film.
Probably first and foremost is that our investigator got baptized this week! woo!  I also don't really know where that came from besides the fact that she was totally ready and it was just a matter of her deciding to go.  I'll put a picture on for sure.  Actually it turns out that we only took those pictures on Elder Taylor's camera, but he forgot it.  Bummer, next week they will come.  After the baptism on last Saturday, a lady told some other missionaries here in Samara that she wanted to be baptized this saturday, so we used that as a chance on Tuesday to tell our investigator that we would have a service and she could get baptized on Saturday.  She totally took it and made it happen!  The other lady ended up getting sick unfortunately, but we had a really nice service and it was so good.  She testified at the end which was the most gratifying part and also stood up yesterday in sacrament meeting and bore her testimony!  Oh man, it was so great.  She definitely is going to be a great member and things and is super converted.  She told Elder Taylor that she didn't really understand why we were meeting and things until she got an answer that the Book of Mormon was true.  That was great to hear, she loves the scriptures and was just so happy afterwards.  Don't tell anybody, but she just came up and gave us the biggest hugs after the service, we had to do the awkward missionary stand there and take it, but it was really cute.  It was a great time.
That was definitely the highlight of the week, we are working with some other people, had the final Ukraine visa trip on friday, and then are now a little full with the transfer going on and everything again- can't believe we're already back to that time.  We sent off the group going home last night and so had a late night (you might be getting a visit for the Stevens..a senior couple that just came home, just fyi- they are great people from Morgan as well) and then our exercise this morning was to take a lil jog to the train station and help a big incoming group from Saratov.  Good times, funny lil memories.
Anyways, it's all going great, hope that you all have a great week and thanks for all the prayers. they are felt that's for sure.

Elder Nielson

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